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Looking for Maximite parts and kits?

Buliding a 200 watt dump load

A dump load is used to drain off
excess power. This design uses a
few 50watt light bulbs and with
some parts from the junk pile,
shouldn't cost more
than $20 to build

Build a Gauss Meter

Handy for measuring magnet
strength and polarity.

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The Maximite family is growing.

Over the following months everal Maximite versions were released onto the market. Note some of these items may no longer be available, please refer to their web site.

The MMBasic language has also evolved, with added commands and improved inbuilt program editor.

To my Maximite collection I added the Maximite SM1 board, from Dontronics. The SM1 is a fully assembled Maximite circuit board. There is no case supplied, its designed to let you build a fully working Maximite into whatever case or application you can think of.


The circuit board uses surface mount technology and it well made, plus its cheaper than the Maximite kit.

Dontronics also stocked a range of Maximite add of bits, including a Maximite to Arduino shield adapter board. Don has even set up his own Maximite web page, and has some interesting developments in the pipeline. Check it out http://www.themaximitecomputer.com/

Dontronics have supplies of assembled Maximite SM1 boards and add on boards. http://www.dontronics-shop.com/

Hamfield Software and Hardware Solutions are putting together a "Maximite Expander" board for the Maximite. Basically it provides isolation to the Maximites I/O pins reducing the chance of damaging the microchip if you get something wrong, and include a couple of relays amounst other features. Info here http://www.hamfield.com.au/

Dontronics has joined forces with Olimex to create the Duinomite range of Maximite compatible computers. While not 100% pin compatible with the original Maximite computer, the Duinomite's do offer a lot of additional features and are compatible with the Duino range of shields, meaning we can use MMBasic to access a vast range of add on components.

You can find out more about the Duinomotes here. http://www.dontronics-shop.com/olimex-duinomite-mega.html

Technical info from http://www.olimex.com/dev/index.html



Geoff has also developed the mini Maximite. Designed to be embedded into a larger project, the mini Maximite is a cut down version of the original Maximite.

More info about the mini Maximite on Geoffs site http://geoffg.net/mini-maximite.html

The mini Maximite is available from Silicon Chip and Jaycar.

Rob from CircuitGizmos has developed the CGMMSTICK, another compact version of the Maximite. The CGMMSTICK has a 30 pin header along one side ( pin out below ), a USB connector, mini-SD card socket, and is 100% compatible with the original Maximite. The 30 pin header makes is perfect for mouning on a larger circuit board, or developing on a breadboard.

The CGMMSTICK is only $29.99 plus delivery at time of press. Click here for more.

Pin outs for J1:
1 - 3.3V from regulator
2 - VIDEO1
3 - VIDEO2
4 - NC
7 - +5V
10 - HSYNC
11 - I/O 1
12 - I/O 2
13 - I/O 3
14 - I/O 4
15 - I/O 5
16 - I/O 6
17 - I/O 7
18 - I/O 8
19 - I/O 9
20 - I/O 10
21 - I/O 11
22 - I/O 12
23 - I/O 13
24 - I/O 14
25 - I/O 15
26 - I/O 16
27 - I/O 17
28 - I/O 18
29 - I/O 19
30 - I/O 20

A CGMMSTICK next to a 50c coin ( Australia ). Just add a power supply, keyboard and monitor, and you have a complete computer.

This is the CGVGAKBD1 adapter board for the CGMMSTICK. It provides sockets for VGA, composite and keyboard. You dont need this to use your CGMMSTICK, but it sure makes it easier than wiring up the sockets youself.

If you have a few Maximites, you will find this handy. Its a plug in board that will test all Maximite/Duinomite/CGMMSTICK boards.

This one is shown connected to a DuinoMite.

Available from Dontronics


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