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This photo is here simply because it looks good. Big storm on its way. This photo was also used on the cover of Silicon Chip magazine December 2004

A Miller Rotor, diagram below provided by forum member RonS
( see here )

A quick stator change, with tower tilted down. Note the adjustable balancing plates on the blade brace.

Click on the picture to see a full size image

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Folding tower. Makes it easy to maintain or modify the windmill. Only takes a couple of minutes to raise or lower using a 12v electric winch.

Big windmill during a very windy night. There are 3 100watt spotlamps pointed up, connected across the output.

Another early hub design. Back then I was concerned about strength so I tended to over engineer everything.

A new set of blades. These were carved by Dennis Latham of SA, and are a big improvement over my own blades.

Click for a video of new blades in action.1,280k

Close up shows the de-cogged stator and hub clearance, approx 0.5mm

Click for larger image

I photographed this monster in central Queensland. Blade diameter is 8.2 meters ( over 27 feet ) ! Originally from the Bungaban station, the mill was donated to the Wandoan & District Progress Assc for restoration and its now in the W.O'Sullivan Memorial Park


First ever VAWT windmill. These are strange little things. Lots of torque and will start in a light breeze, but this design has way to many moving parts!

The offset bearing for the VAWT. I got the idea for this windmill from www.windstuffnow.com

VAWT fitted with a toothed belt drive and stepper motor.

Click for a video of VAWT in operation. 321k

My first stirling engine. Runs on a cup of hot coffee

Another working stirling. These are fun to make and you learn a lot about tolerances and friction trying to get them running.


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