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We take life for granted, until it may be taken away from us.

Years of constant suffering. Headaches. No energy, weak and sore all over. Neck grinding, muscle fluctuations through the left ear, heart pulsing through the left ear. Heart pounding through the head. Sore eyes. Gut pain. Ear pain. Sharp shooting pain through the head. All 24/7. The pain was severe. Late in 2002 was the start of the worst.

Very regular visiting to the doctor and specialists and other places for blood test's, scan's, x-rays. The doctors and specialist had no idea. Tried every other potion they suggested. Pain killers had no effect on it. Tried Chiropractors with no improvement. 3 Naturopaths had no idea. 2 & 1/2 years I went around these circles.

Another Naturopath. He was booked out for 6 months, but I booked in anyway. A prick on the finger, and very small blood samples on some microscope slides gave him all the clues he needed. Within minutes explained my condition. He turned on the monitor so I could see what he was looking at. He pointed out the different colours and shapes and explained what they meant. He suggested a full program of diet and supplements along with some lotions to assist the body to get back on track. 6 months on his program before I felt and saw any improvement.

Why, lots of stress as a teacher in the Govt. school's. I live in tropical sugar cane country with plenty of chemical & fungus around. Poor diet (in common with most people) but 2 years in Kiribati with very poor diet. Chemicals of foundry & fibreglass work didn't help.

With the help from this Naturopath, I have been able to live life as normal, though at times I go down again. Stopping at the fuel station is like murder. Instant headache when I get out of the car. With the Electric Hilux I have not been to a fuel station in a very long time. Recovery is a long process, one cell at a time, but I am back teaching again, since early 2008, in an excellent site.

Business is to promote living and driving by nature.

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