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A range of parts available to assist in building your own windmill.

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Cone can be plain with no blade slots, or have slots to suit the composite, or aerofoil, or the round shaft type blades.

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6 Blade Hub for round shaft

This 6 blade hub is used to clamp 25mm round shaft. Centre is splined to suit the F&P shaft.

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3 Blade Hub for round shaft

This 3 blade hub is used to clamp 25mm round shaft. Centre is splined to suit the F&P shaft.

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2050mm Aerofoil Blades

Blade length is 2050mm, making a 4.2m diameter turbine blade set. Plenty of torque.

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Aerofoil Blades

Aerofoil blades - set of 3. Makes a diameter of 2.5m. Fits the standard cast hub (not included in this price). Cone also available as a seperate item.

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Fibreglass Composite Blades

3 Blades make a 2.9m diameter.

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Pole Mount & Slip Rings

Includes pole mount to fit 76mm (3 inch) pipe x 3mm wall thickness (ID of 69mm), insulated slip rings, brushes & holders x 2, bearings and outer casing.

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F&P Double Shaft

Extra spline and thread for the standard nut added. 2 x F&P motors can be run on the 1 shaft. Price is exchange of a clean, no damage F&P shaft.

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Double Ended Bearing Holder

This cast bearing holder accepts two F&P alternators on the one shaft.

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Cast Prop Hub

Three blade cast aluminum hub with F&P internal spline. 56 degree angled plates from shaft axis. Bolt holes pre-drilled equally spaced.

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Enameled Wire

Austech enameled wire, 1.25mm diameter, temperature rated 180C. For winding axial flux alternator coils. Pictured is a 25kg roll. Small quantity can be rolled off. $20/kg.

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Neo Magnets

Neo magnets, 50mm x 12mm. N50M, the strongest grade in the highest temperature rating possible, 100C. A good choice for those wishing to build an axial flux alternator. $15 each.

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