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EVNetics Soliton 1

300 kW DC Motor Controller
The EVnetics Soliton1 is a Series Field DC Motor Controller for electric vehicles unlike any other!


- The main contactors with precharge are built-in. No need for externals.
- Input of 8v to 340v battery pack voltage
- User can limit the motor voltage output to any level.
- Max current and Min voltage on the battery side are programmable
- Low battery voltage `Limp Home` Mode
- Massive fan-cooled heatsink allows it to deliver 800-1000A repeatedly
- With integrated liquid cooling it can deliver 1000A indefinitely!
- Adjustable acceleration rate, tortoise-like 100A/s to a tire-boiling 25,000A/s
- 3-wire throttle input. Accepts a 0-5V signal
- Tachometer input/ouput. Drive a 4/6cyl tacho with industrial proximity sensors.
- Dyno Tested to ensure quality
- 600 Volt IGBT modules, not lots of little IGBTs or MOSFETs
- Cutting Edge Input Capacitor
- High Efficiency
- Rugged Enclosure, Great weatherability
- Dedicated high power connections
- Raw power is great, but maintains smooth control for the car park.
- Ethernet interface that streams live performance data
- Can configure/update the controller with an ordinary web browser!

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