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EVNetics Soliton Jr

175 kW DC Motor Controller
The Junior - brother to Soliton 1

600 Amps Peak, 500A continuous with adequate liquid cooling.
8 to 340 Volts pack voltage. User set output volts and current.
175kW Peak Motor Power(or 234HP!).

Pack and motor voltage and current programmable. Smooth, controlled natural driving feel.
Motor current ramp rate is adjustable from a tortoise-like 100A per second to a tire-boiling 25,000A/s
Low pack voltage limits current to set voltage. `Limp Home` Mode.
The main contactors with precharge are built-in. No need for externals.
600 Volt design: Rugged design based on 600V industrial IGBT modules.
Cutting edge capacitors.
High Efficiency: 1.5V max. drop at 600A (0.8V typical).
Superior electrical layout: Internal layout yields very low noise emissions.
Rugged enclosure: Great weatherability.
Air and liquid cooled for application versatility.
Dedicated high power connection.
3-wire throttle input. Accepts a 0-5V signal
Tachometer input for protecting against motor over-speed
Brake input for killing the motor output even if the throttle is stuck on.
Fully programmable with a web browser based interface
Dyno Tested ensure quality

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