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Australian Made, top quality inverters, fully serviceable. The LS series are Stand Alone. Battery input voltages from 12v to 48v. Output from 500W to 7000W.

LS‐512 500W 12V $863
LS‐624 600W 24V $920
LS‐648 600W 48V $1,113
LS‐1012 1000W 12V $1,499
LS‐1224 1200W 24V $1,544
LS‐1248 1200W 48V $1,953
LS‐1512 1500W 12V $1,953
LS‐1824 1800W 24V $2,044
LS‐1848 1800W 48V $2,237
LS‐2012 2000W 12V $2,760
LS‐2324 2300W 24V $2,783
LS‐2548 2500W 48V $2,976
LS‐3024 3000W 24V $3,294
LS‐3032 3000W 32V $3,680
LS‐3548 3500W 48V $3,510
LS‐4024 4000W 48V $4,430
LS‐5048 5000W 48V $5,157
LS‐7048 7000W 48V $6,191
IP33 Outdoor Enclosure LS & PVE $244

All prices include GST