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How to build a PCB design using Autotrax DEX
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This is a tutorial of how `I' go about designing a PCB from scratch using Autotrax DEX.
Doc Description
This is a tutorial using Geoff's BackPack board as a design example to show how `I' would approach do the same board but using AutoTrax DEX.

This example will most likely NOT be using DEX to the best of its abilities nor possibly the easiest or best ways to do them. I am still learning on a nearly daily basis things that I didn't know before about DEX.

It is aimed to assist those who are starting out to get the gist of what they need to do to get a board rolled out.. As I said it is how I do the boards.. Not the best way to do them.

I hope it is of use to somebody.

As this is a many step process I will update in stages, initially it is only the Schematic stage of a build, the PCB stage will follow then the 3D views and then some fun bits.


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Circuit, Software 
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Autotrax DEX
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Mick Gulovsen
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Creating a PCB.pdf  First Full release of this Document. 
Parts Used.zip  This is a colloection of Parts that I used for this tutorial.. There were some minor errors that I d 
Demo.zip  This is The AutoTRAX DEX project file completed as shown in the tutorial. 
DEMO Video.zip  A short Video clip of the completed board in 3D using DEX 
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