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Version 5.04.09

I have tested this version with Jim's program above and it works fine for me but I haven't made any specific changes in that area. It is worth doing a complete chip erase when loading new versions.

This version now supports SSD1963 displays

Valid displays are:
8-bit RGB888: SSD1963_4, SSD1963_5, SSD1963_5A, SSD1963_7, SSD1963_7A, SSD1963_8
16-bit RGB565: SSD1963_4_16, SSD1963_5_16, SSD1963_5A_16, SSD1963_7_16, SSD1963_7A_16, SSD1963_8_16

The command to initialise the display is

OPTION LCDPANEL SSD1963xxx, orientation

No other parameters are required.

You should set the display to use 1963_PWM for the backlight and then the "BACKLIGHT" command will work

Connections are:
DB0-DB15 on the display connect to PE0 to PE15 on the Nucleo (only DB0-DB7 to PE0-PE7 are needed for 8-bit modes)

SSD-WR to PG10
SSD-RS to PG11
SSD-RD to PG13 (Note this is mandatory)

Remember to connect SSD-CS to GND

NB: the firmware captures all 16 PORT-E pins irrespective of whether 8 or 16-bit communication is used. This simplifies and speeds up the code. Trying to use any of the PORT-E pins when the TFT is enabled will give the error:

  Quote  Error: Pin n is reserved on startup

The picture above is of a 5" display. Note I am having to use an external power supply for the display as the Nucleo was showing an over current warning (LD5) when powering the 5" display direct.

Performance is good. Displaying the 800x480 image takes less than 1 second. CLS in 16-bit mode takes 53mSec.

All displays support transparent text and BLIT. GUI commands appear to work but aren't tested, however as touch is not yet implemented they are of little use. "SAVE IMAGE filename$" works as expected and saves the screen contents as a .BMP file


Console mode is now also supported.

Also SETPIN CIN, PER, and FIN should work

Pins are PF0, PF1, PF2, PF3 (10, 11, 12, 13)

and IR may work but completely untested

IR pin is PF4 (pin 14)

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