Armmite - STM32H7: Developments

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Posted: 12:52am 15 Jun 2018      

  matherp said   Version 5.04.09

Very very good job, thanks

just somes questions:

1 - with this version, mmbasic say that is "v5.04.10"

2 - I have a 5" LCD, but with sd card. I have seen that you disable spi5-sdcard and use 4bits-sd. Can i use spi1 (arduino D10/D13) for my SdCard on lcd?

3 - maybe it's too early, I need to use COM1 and COM2. on what pin this signals will be connected?, and is it possible to have interrupt functions (the best is to have rec and emit interruptions calls (not only rec as in pic-mmbasic)

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