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  Quote  1 - with this version, mmbasic say that is "v5.04.10"

Yes I updated it when I included the console functionality

  Quote  2 - I have a 5" LCD, but with sd card. I have seen that you disable spi5-sdcard and use 4bits-sd. Can i use spi1 (arduino D10/D13) for my SdCard on lcd?

No - sorry. Testing showed the SPI driver was too slow to be usable for things like picture load and sound

  Quote  3 - maybe it's too early, I need to use COM1 and COM2. on what pin this signals will be connected?, and is it possible to have interrupt functions (the best is to have rec and emit interruptions calls (not only rec as in pic-mmbasic)

Can't be certain on pins yet but com ports should be fairly soon. pic-mmbasic does use interrupts for both TX and RX for coms except com2 on MM2 which is bitbanged. Armmite will use interrupts for all coms. Console already uses interrupts for TX and RX.

I am looking at a PCB design that will interface the Nucleo to a SSD1963 screen and has a SD card on it. Suggestions for other facilities welcome.