There Cogging a 36 poles LG stator?

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Posted: 04:26am 12 Mar 2019      

Do you still have access to the shaft and the bearing that the motor wbuas on
if so you can put it back on there and give it a spin and tell how much cogging it's has

I have three or four of them
I haven't done anything with the ones I have
cogging is not bad at all on any of them one of them looks pretty similar to yours I would say likely the cogging wouldn't be a problem
the wind speed probably needs to be enough to overcome this anyway
I would suggest private messaging one of the guys on here that's built these already
look around on this form there is a pretty recent post about this
you'll see several of them
most people on here are very nice and more than willing to help and highly intelligent also
they get paid a lot of money for the advice they give us for free
keep that in mind
give them the credit that's due be nice they'll probably help you
You'll want to be very careful because tinkering is very addictive lolEdited by BenandAmber 2019-03-13