Problems with Fisher Paykel motor

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Posted: 02:59am 13 Feb 2020      

  Seb1 said  This is a project for the children in my school so I want to show them something that is stable and can produce approx. 12V.

How about a treadmill motor ?

These are typically rated at something like 4,200 rpm at 180v and maybe 8-10 amps.

At 12v it should run at around 280 rpm as a motor, speed being proportional to voltage.
That is about 4.7 turns per second.

As a generator it might need to turn a bit faster than that, but not by very much, and should light a pretty big 12v light bulb to a couple of amps fairly easily.

You probably don't need absolutely full glaring white brightness for a nice class room demonstration, so hand cranking should produce something quite worthwhile.

A bicycle hub generator might be another way to do it, if you can find one.
Cheers, Tony.