Armmite F4: programming the firmware

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Posted: 10:57am 16 May 2019      

Woot! My two units arrived today. Concise instructions got the first one up and running in about 2 minutes - Than you Peter!

First impressions;
*Very easy setup.
*Same USB hiccup as CD above but it seems it was around a new driver when not in program mode... gave it a minute then a reset and bingo.
*the thing is quick.
*The USB socket on the board is flaky. Pushing the connector fully home gives no power... seems to like it about half way in... won't matter as I will be running on serial console after playing here.
*Using AUTOSAVE (F10) is not realistic using the USB console. At least with my setup. I have Putty and cut n paste between there and the > prompt to load software. Seems to be too fast and I get 127 lines of a 606 line program... which of course won't run. Small matter for me as I said about serial console in anger.

I am very impressed with the beast and this is going to inject a power boost into one project that was struggling... massive overkill but who cares


Second one up even quicker... The "twins" on test with one of my MM2 28 pin jobbies at the top.

rough side-by-side tests, I reckon the F4 is 3 to 4 times faster than the MM2 at 48MHz just by judging the redraw of the screens you see here

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