Armmite F4: programming the firmware

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Posted: 08:14pm 16 May 2019      

found a wrinkle

It is easy to work around but the functionality is not as expected... pop the following code into the F4 (I hoped to use it to make code platform agnostic)

I have autorun on.

watchdog 5000

On Error Skip 1
RTC GetTime

run this and that is it... just goes round in a loop resetting itself - the USB console port even goes away, probably as a result of the reset.

It is a very easy fix (don't use the RTC command) but I expected it to error out and thus skip the command...

If I issue the RTC command at the > prompt, it does correctly cause an error, however if I issue (with autorun off)

> watchdog 5000: on error skip 1: rtc gettime

I lose the console port ... so I suspect this combination is breaking things somehow.

I only discovered this because I loaded some code running on a MM2

With the MM.Device$ function, it is easy to write code to get around problems like this, but I thought you'd like to know I can kill your new baby repeatedly

But so far, I am really enjoying playing - top work again!