Armmite F4: programming the firmware

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Posted: 11:28pm 16 May 2019      

My boards arrived today.

The programming was dead-easy thanks to this excellent thread.

I had exactly the same issue with the USB connection as CaptainBoing did, and my fix was exactly the same as his was. If you don't bump the USB plug once it is connected, it seems fine though.

Now, to fit the LCD module....

EDIT: Bloody hell, this is one fast LCD port!
Excellent stuff. 1196 circles per second with GUI TEST LCDPANEL.

The ONLY thing I don't like about this setup, is that the LCD and the main-board do not line-up, but that is only a grumble more then any kind of complaint. I like neat stacks of boards. There is no way to secure the LCD module to the main-board, as the holes are miles out from each other.

@ matherp - I seem to recall you saying you had already done an adaptor board. If so, can you please post it here? That would have to be my next move to solidify the arrangement.Edited by Grogster 2019-05-18
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