Armmite F4: programming the firmware

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Posted: 09:16am 17 May 2019      

Thanks Peter. I am away from home at the moment, I'll give this a whirl tonight.

What originally attracted me to the problem was I was getting a hang-up in my code at a certain point which I traced to a timer event (and its periodic RTC gets). At that time I wasn't using a watchdog timer, I only put it in as a rescue for the lock-up. This is what I hoped to demonstrate with the code snippet. If you are getting different behaviour I think I will re-flash the F4 (both of them do exactly the same though... hmmm)

With my code above, the screen sits there run, reset... run, reset while just sat on my desk. This is what boiled down to my snippet above which I now see could be misleading.

Not terribly worried about losing the USB console tbh. Only using it now because it is convenient. Eventually, I will use J6 in practice purely as a compatibility thing with other mites - I don't want to "need" a PC to access the console (use my tablet & phone too).

I will try your code this evening and see if I can work out why I get a reset but you don't.

all the best