Armmite F4: programming the firmware

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Posted: 11:09am 19 May 2019      

I think I have sussed it.

I read in the documentation for this board that the USB output will wait until the console is established whence all the output will be dumped to the terminal - thus it must be buffered internally.

I mentioned that the USB socket on the board is a bit flaky and after leaving the thing running for some hours and there is lots of output to the console. I must have knocked the lead because the console disappeared (PuTTY was crying) and it had started this restart loop thing at some point.

I suspect the print statements are blocking (full buffer?) because the console has gone away and the watchdog is doing what it's supposed to, but not flushing the buffer - perhaps it's done at a lower level than MMBasic? Making the leap that subsequent PRINTs are getting blocked, the watchdog restarts it all only to get stuck in this cycle. It all makes sense to me but I could be wide of the mark (it is not unknown )

Resetting, either by the button or pulling the USB lead, brings the console back and then pussy-footing around it so as not to disrupt the USB lead... after half a day the console is still up (so the buffer being emptied) and no more reset loop.

Question is; assuming my diagnosis above actually holds water, can the buffered USB console output be defeated?

Can't wait to get rid of the USB console now!

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