visual effect of capacitors

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Nice to see some clarification of what happens. The best feature of this it to allow larger blades to take advantage of lower winds.

I guess that changing the capacitors values will allow fine tuning to get out of stall much like a resistor does,... but without the loss. This perhaps should attract more positive attention than has been attributed thus far.
It may allow others to avoid the gearing thing,if the prop size allows for a 2/3 compromise to achieve close to the same thing.

The non-linear response of the diode has been cleaned up quite a bit, this may help those who wish to track rpm via frequency. Usually diodes under load make so much hash, that filtering is very important/tricky. The input line looks clean enough to read with a normal digital volt meter. (freq range)... handy. Usually, once cut in is achieved, the meter goes haywire. (no filter).

All in all, thanks to you and Dennis for these results.

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