visual effect of capacitors

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Hi Gill & KiwiJohn,

I think you will realize that I have in the past been critical about the effects of capacitors and windmill loading also.

The currents stated above were battery load currents. This means that at the 350rpm level, a F&P 80SP stator, is only just above cutin to produce the 3A. The capacitors allow the mill to produce a higher voltage and hence at the same 350rpm, more current, 11A, can be produced. I have not mentioned anything re efficiencies. I have merely pointed out that capacitors can be used to better match the windmill output to the load.

In this example, the same stator would cutin at a lower rpm with the capacitors. It is obvious that if this was a real windmill and not a test bench that more power would need to be extracted from the wind and this would result in a slower rpm and hence the current gained may not be as much as the test bed at constant rpm. This purely highlights a way of producing power from a lower rpm, without the need of rewiring. .. Gordon.

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