visual effect of capacitors

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Hi kiwijohn,

You have hit the nail on the head. There may be only one useful reigime where capacitors make an improvement. I intend to try and replicate bench testing results on a mill. A windmill flying has much more driving potential to a bench test. In the test conditions I explored, the wind energy was many kW at the top end of the power range. This would probably be hard to replicate on a test rig.

I suspect that bryan has a possible lucky streak. He should try and measure some other components, ie windspeed and rpm, degree of furling etc, at the same time. A comparison without caps in similar conditions would be useful.

The parallel arrangement of capacitors with the output windings should be a low pass filter. the capacitor should present an increasing load as the frequency increases. This is what I found in my testing. The loading increased with frequency until the rectified output voltage was less than the battery voltage.

Placement in the wiring may be critical. The placement of the capacitors in my test was probably wrong. More testing will clarify things.


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