driving via canbus Eltek 2kW Flatpack2 supplies

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Posted: 08:17am 29 Mar 2020      

I shall recap on my initial (ambit) requirements for the controller.

A display of the Eltek(s) output current and voltage.

Perhaps the Set Current (I Limit) and Set Voltage, visible when supply is not enabled.

If there are 2 or more Elteks, on power up the software should sniff the comms line ie ping address range and note any replies received.

If there is more than 1 Eltek, assume the outputs are in parallel.

It would be nice if the controller would add the Elteks currents together and display the sum total.

If the current limit is set to say 60A then the controller would divide that by the number of Elteks and set them each to 20A ( ie 3 x 20A = 60A )

I will leave a possible display and how to set values open for the moment to see what suggestions come up as cost effective and not too arduous to program.

I guess if it all gets too hard a 16 x 2 could do the job.

One button for Enable/Off, one button for Amp/Volt and 2 buttons for Up/Down control.

We probably need a way to set their initial address to ie "1", "2", etc

This spec is shooting from the hip - I may have overlooked some basics.....
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