driving via canbus Eltek 2kW Flatpack2 supplies

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Posted: 01:32pm 12 Nov 2020      

  noneyabussiness said  https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67579#p1044262

Thanks for the link noneya a few hours of good reading history with some code examples of  the protocol and how they talked to the Elteks with a nano.
The most helpful pages for me were 3, 4 & 12 if you want to save a lot of reading.
I thought I did good when I bought ten brand new Eltek HE's at $50 each, your "dump" catch was excellent.

The Elteks as supplied appear to all be set to a default value of 53.5V.
Whilst a controller can be used to set any output voltage within the allowable range, the units can also have their default voltage reprogrammed to a new target such that when powered up with no can controller connected they will now use the new default voltage value ie 44V or 48V as a stand alone.

If intending to use the can bus and  intending to series two or more Elteks, be aware the can interfaces will need to be galvanically isolated as the can bus for each Eltek are referenced to the negative output terminal. I guess that if the first Eltek unit has a can bus directly connected to it along with the nano, when adding another Eltek/s in series with the existing + terminal of the first Eltek, it means only the can bus that communicates to the "upper" unit/s will need isolation.

Peter, the examples noneya linked to may well be examples of how not to write code, but I suspect they might also provide some useful hints and information in the quest to talk to  and interpret the information packets flowing back and forth.