driving via canbus Eltek 2kW Flatpack2 supplies

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Posted: 08:26am 05 Dec 2020      

Excellent results Poida, looks to work a treat !  
I have also been considering how to control Elteks in series and it doesnt look easy.

The simplest (?) method I can come up with involves a bastardisation of the can bus.
essentially it is 3 optically isolated can bus transceivers merged to a 1 of 3 or 4 switcher for the Txd & Rxd lines.

The nano selects an address on 2 pins which gates up to 1 of 4 outputs.
ie select can 1 talk to Eltek 1, when transaction complete select can 2 talk to Eltek 2, when transaction complete select can 3 talk to Eltek 3 etc.

Because of the full duplex nature of the can bus and the complex bus arbitration required for multiple can unit comms it doesnt lend itself easily for multiple isolated nodes for talking to Elteks that have elevated voltages when they are connected in series for higher voltages.

What are your (and any one else with any ideas) comments and thoughts on how to achieve comms with series connected Elteks ?