Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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Posted: 12:56pm 03 May 2020      

The VGA signal is generated by a dedicated graphics processor built into the STM32 chip (called the Chrom-ART graphic accelerator).  This generates precise VGA signal timings and results in a steady image with very clear characters on the screen.  HDMI cannot be generated by the Chrom-ART graphic accelerator so we would need to add an expensive and complex chip which in the end would cost a lot more than a cheap VGA to HDMI converter.

If an HDMI output is required we recommended that an inexpensive VGA to HDMI converter be used.  These cost about US$10 on eBay and will also encode the audio from the computer.  As an example, the Colour Maximite 2 was successfully tested with this device: