Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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Posted: 01:48am 08 May 2020      

@ robert_rozee: Nice colourful chart you made there!  

@ EVERYONE: The photos that matherp posted of the all-in-one PCB is the one I plan to sell from my website long-term, but short-term I will sell the modular one.  As Peter mentions, can't get the damn ARM processor chip at the moment, so having assembled boards to sell is not possible right now.  NZ's international freight is still closed anyway till we drop into level-2 virus alert.  This is scheduled for this coming Tuesday - IF the government are happy enough with the figures etc.

I will be offering the unit exactly as Peter has described his one in the photos he posted, in that the top side will be factory-assembled, but the kit builder still has to fit the SDRAM chip and caps on the bottom layer, and all the remaining through-hole parts.

@ nasi: No network interface.(unless you are joking! ;) )  You could add one easily enough via a WiFi module or Ethernet serial module connected to the console pins on the USB host DIL socket.  I did that with a WizNet-107SR module, and successfully tested a MM2 to the WAN once I setup port-forwarding in my router, then other forum members were able to leave me messages in the editor.
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