Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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Posted: 08:54am 08 May 2020      

  matherp said  The CMM2 has a true hardware random number generator so no seeding necessary ...

Thanks, but it turns out I'm that guy who when given a gold bar complains about the colour.

True random numbers are great but most modern languages still support seeded pseudo-random numbers and it is a shame if we lose this functionality.

Note that to be constant between executions the proposed array solution either requires a big DATA statement or the array data to be read from a file.

(Edit) ... or you include the BASIC code to generate the pseudo random numbers and call that to initialise the array - thud taking the "performance hit" upfront instead of on every random number call. (/Edit)

Nevertheless I am overjoyed and my CMM2 is already on order from the WhiteWizzard.

Regards, Tom
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