Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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Posted: 11:09am 08 May 2020      

  Turbo46 said  Game programming is beyond me I'm afraid but maybe someone could write a step by step tutorial while producing a simple game using some of the clever things the CMM2 can do?

This is in my roadmap!

For sure I use some tricks for all my games, but in a tutorial, it will be good to use native commands, for example, I must use SPRITE and not BLIT to make a "pseudo sprite" and use native sound architecture and not PSGMini. I will try to make that tutorial.

The reason that I use BLIT command instead of SPRITE is that my games easily surpass 64 sprite limits, and BLIT is so fast to cut pieces of a selected video page, it's open a new world for the animation. For example, with 24 pages of 320x200x256 plus 2 pages for background and foreground buffer and one for the main page, I have 1500 "sprites" and a parallax scrolling for developing a game.

Maybe I can create an "easy and native" tutorial for games, and another showing a little more advanced tricks.