Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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  Quote   have no idea how or how to use it to generate a series of pseudo random numbers.

Just use it like RND() returns a number between 0 and 1. The sequence is determinate. If you need a different sequence then change the initialisation of X in the function - same as using randomize.

The code is exactly what the C call to rand used in the Micromite firmware is doing. Found it on google and easy to program in Basic

It should run on any Micromite - try it.

My code for the distribution

dim a%(799)
for i%=1 to 800*300
j%=pseudo()*800-0.5 'exactly equivalent to using RND()
next i%
for i%=0 to 799
line i%,599-a%(i%),i%,599
next i%
function pseudo() as float
 static integer x=7
 static integer a=1103515245
 static integer c=12345
 static integer m=2^31
 x=(a * x + c) mod m
 pseudo = x/m
end function