Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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Posted: 08:49pm 08 May 2020      

  matherp said  Please do read Geoff's excellent Introduction to programming the CMM2

I have skimmed though that document and Getting Started With the Micromite before it. I am not intimidated by BASIC per se, I can usually nut something out and end up with the result I want.

It's the graphics that I find hard to follow and that's where I would need my hand held. Unfortunately, graphics is only lightly covered in the manuals (including the original CMM). Games programmers obviously have no problems but I am not a programmer let alone a games programmer.

Your program above is well documented and easy enough to follow so I think people like me need more examples like that. Simple, short, well documented examples of the various screen modes illustrating the use of blit and sprites and so on. A completed game program is usually too much for me to pull apart and understand.

On another note: I was surprised that the CMM2 has only one extra COM port and apparently no CFunctions so a third one cannot be added.

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