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  Trent Jackson said  OOP (Object Orientated Programming) "Current Software Technology"

Actually the ideas have been been around since the late 60's.

It's a methodology for building large software systems by structuring them as a set of components (objects) that encapsulate both state and behaviour. They communicate with each other by sending messages to (or calling methods / functions on) each other.

For small scale purposes there is nothing you can do with it that you can't do with a procedural language like BASIC and some discipline. Sure it might save you some code and let you pull some fancy tricks, but it also allows you to create reams of incomprehensible drivel ... I call that my day job ;-)

Another way of putting it is that if you want to do OOP then perhaps a (let's be honest) enthusiasts "toy" that is trying to bring back the warm glow of the 80's microcomputer is not the platform you are looking for.

No offence intended, all abuse gratefully received

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