Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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  Trent Jackson said  I love Java and C++. I formally studied these languages at RMIT University and scored HDs throughout.

I have in fact written several decent games using OOP in .NET Visual Basic and C#

OOP just makes sense you know. In fact I would bet that the next one Geoff does will be OOP

I gave up Windows since 2003. For me Microsoft for me dead after DOS.

I'm an old school programmer until now and don't like to use OOP, but I understand it's importance.

I made various games since DOS, using Borland Turbo C and Turbo Pascal with some assembly routines for speed up things (sprites and mode 13 VGA BIOS direct access).

Here are some images of my DOS Games using my "MXMisc" library made in assembly, when I was around 14 years old:

Zombie Arena

Crack Zone

Mario DOS

MXEdit - Sprite editor for MXMisc

MX Racer

Adventures of Mauro & Nohama

And this is a SO developed in Turbo Pascal with inline Assembly. When I developed this I had around 18 years and was my final work for the college.

Some of these I intend to port for Colour Maximite 2, including the OS.

After I jumped to Linux, using C, C++, Python, PHP, Java, Lazarus, and others. Actually, when I develop games in Linux I use Python with PyOpenGL or PyGame and Panda3D. Maybe I upload some videos with the source codes, but one of them I can put a link here only because is a Paper Mario HD and with Nintendo no one joke. I'm started a Pacman Championship clone using Dijkstra's algorithm for ghost 5 years ago, but in the end, I turned it only in a demo for the PyOpenGL and PyGame courses that I taught to underprivileged minors.

Today retro games are only a hobby to calm my nerves, and both Colour Maximites helped me with this!