Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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I've been reading the manuals and I am a little confused. The following are quotes from the manuals:

Colour Maximite 2 User Manual page 42:
The sprite can be a PNG image or an image defined in a text file and can be of any size up to the video horizontal and vertical resolution.

Colour Maximite 2 User Manual page 78:
SPRITE LOAD fname$ [,start_sprite_number]
Loads the file ‘fname$’ which must be formatted as an original Colour Maximite sprite file. See the original Colour Maximite MMBasic Language Manual for the file format.

MMBasic Language Manual page 70:
A sprite file is similar to a font file except that it contains the definition of sprites which are 16x16 bit graphical objects. The sprite file is just a text file containing ordinary characters which are loaded line by line to build the bitmap of each sprite. Currently the dimensions of each sprite are fixed at 16x16 bits although alternative sizes may be allowed in the future.

The CMM2 manual says that a sprite can be any size and later refers to the original Colour Maximite MMBasic Language Manual which says that a sprite is fixed at 16x16 bits. If a text file sprite can be any size, or even if it is not, I think the sprite text file description should be revised if necessary and included in the new manual. I assume that text file sprites can only be 8 colours also.

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