Introducing the Colour Maximite 2

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Nice Work Everyone  

  matherp said  
I've done a single PCB version of the CMM2

There are also the gerbers, BOM and component placement files needed to get them manufactured by JLC. This is very cost effective but unfortunately they are currently out of stock of the processor which makes them manufacturing them rather pointless. They can only do surface mount on one side so you still have do solder the SDRAM and some capacitors on the bottom together with the various through-hole components.

The board can be hand-soldered if you are very confident with SMD. I've done 3 and WhiteWizzard has also completed one.

Are the Gerber files for the single PCB version available yet?  Also the solder stencil files would be nice.  I was just about to order PCB's for the version with the WaveShare module and I could add a couple of these to the order.