7.5HP Three Phase Motor Conversion

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Try a high tensile rod the size of the magnet/screw holes (maybe 4" long...a skinny philips driver perhaps). Place the rod through the magnet hole and align the rod into the rotor hole.... and push the magnet down the rod until it beds...

The most the magnet can do then is spin on the rod... which you will control, and later will be stopped to a fair extent when you get it below the end rim....clamp it, remove the rod and screw it down..... sounds simple if you say it quickly........ (may need someone to hold the rod/screwdriver while you clamp it and finish the alignment).

If this scheme works well for you I am happy to take the accolades.... if you get run down by a high speed magnet fleeing the scene.... I've never heard of you, and ... anyway.... I live in a small Nebula on the far side of the Galaxy.... far far away.

I am a bit non-plussed with the FEMM simulation. The flux lines are just not what I would expect to see. Will be interested in Dinges opinion on this as he has used the program to good effect, and I havent.... but the flux concentrations just don't seem to work for me... like in the wrong places, the bottlenecks where I would expect high flux to be are just not there, and where I expect a non-linear pattern to predominate, it is evenly spread.

You must have it in a representation that does not reflect theeee.... no I just don't get it...... I expect to be reprogrammed shortly.

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