New 60A Mppt PV Charger Design

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Solar Mike

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Posted: 10:40pm 11 Feb 2021      

  Haxby said  That SI823HX looks like a great chip.

Nice find! And I agree with Davo, your industrious pace is hard to beat!

Ha the more you do, the easier it gets. Writing the software seems to be the most difficult and time consuming bit, I really must start using the Micro-Mites or something else in these designs.

Here's the final as yet unchecked layout, added those vias, just over 1100 of them, could never had prototyped a DIY version without the low cost of getting boards made in China. Big yellow tinned areas need additional thick copper wire soldered to pcb to support 60A current - with prototype's 1oz copper.

I have placed all high current carrying circuitry in the upper half of pcb, low power control, cpu etc has its own separated ground plane, with a single 0v connection point at the main PSU. Will see if I can locate any higher voltage mosfets for this so I can test it on a 100v battery bank (190v PV)



Will do a schematic next to check layout.