New 60A Mppt PV Charger Design

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Posted: 03:03am 22 Feb 2021      

Update: Finally sent the gerbers off today, delayed a little due to creating another design. I was intrigued by the possibility of mounting the larger TO-247 mosfets in a similar manner, surface mounted with the pcb vias acting as the heat conducting medium to the heatsink under the pcb; in this case the mosfet mounting bolt clamps the device to the top surface when screwed into the heatsink below.
Have no idea how well this will work, but means I can use the higher voltage devices for PV exceeding 200v.
Edit: caps I'm using here each have a ripple rating > 5amps, those cheap hunglow brands just wont work here.

So sort of threw this one together, its got just the basics to work, no Blinky lights, just an lcd serial display and piezo, have opted for the 30-35mm caps here as I have a box of them that need using up.

Pcb is 160 x 200mm.

I wont be creating a schematic of this, its basically same as above without the extras.

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