ESP8266 AT support in MMBasic

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Posted: 08:49am 19 Jan 2022      

Wouldn't it make more sense to produce a FAQ on wireless communications for MMBasic along with a set of *documented* library routines? I'm not even sure that integrating this into MMBasic is even possible as there are a few variations. You will always end up in a situation where the built-in commands don't *quite* do what's required. There are probably no situations where several comms standards are wanted.

We need those who are knowledgeable to pool their resources on this. Create a working document, detailing what works and what doesn't - TESTED VERSIONS ONLY. It's no use detailing stuff that's so cutting edge that no-one has used it successfully on a 'mite yet. It doesn't matter if it works on XYZ hardware, make it work on a 'mite *then* document it.

Once that's done you can start to think about multi-platform libraries. It's no use writing only for the CMM2 or only for the PicoMite or only for the Armmite xx unless there are *very specific* reasons.