ESP8266 AT support in MMBasic

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I've done a bit of research and IMHO the whole ESP space is now a complete nightmare. As far as I can see the latest AT firmware which supports MQTT won't run on a ESP-01(S) as it both needs 2MB of flash and uses different pins for the UART connection. Even if it could run then I can't find any way to actually flash it. There seems to be 12 different binaries that need downloading to different addresses.

Every community now runs their own versions of ESP firmware: NodeMCU, Arduino, Espruino, LUA, MicroPython etc and there are so many variants of the ESP32 chips and boards that providing any sensible support in MMBasic is a complete non-starter.

I'm running the, now no longer recommended by Expressif, V1.7.4 which provides reliable AT commands to allow TCP and UDP connections as per my previous example MMBasic programs(but not MQTT support). There is little advantage in including support for this as it is no longer current and is so simple to use from Basic anyway.

If Expressif ever provide an official version of AT IDF firmware for the 1MB ESP-01 then perhaps something could be done but until then any MMBasic ESP support is off the table.
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