ESP8266 AT support in MMBasic

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Although I haven't flashed ESP8266 in a long time, I agree that programming ESP devices with separate files/memory areas is a pain, and I'm not sure why the change was made from the real easy "flash this file and it works", although I'm sure there is a reason. Never understood why there isn't a config file included with firmware and the flash utility does the work.

I'm not sure about the requirement for 2MB ESP01 modules being a problem, apart from user might have to buy a new module in order to use MQTT firmware. I remember the early ESP01 modules had only 512K flash and was a problem once the AT command firmware got large enough, so looks like history repeats itself.

Also, this might be a mistake but lists the 8266 1MB as supporting MQTT (CTRL-F "ESP8266_1MB_AT_Bin" and see AT MQTT Command support). Not sure which 8266 version they are referring to.

Also about the different pins issue see
"The AT 2 binary for esp8266 build by Espressif requires at least 2 MB flash and uses pins 15 as TX and 13 as RX. To have the AT firmware communicating on usual pins 1 as TX and 3 as RX, you can use at flashing of the firmware AT2_esp8266_factory_param_tx1rx3.bin from extras folder of this library instead of factory_param.bin bundled with the AT firmware."
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