ESP8266 AT support in MMBasic

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One thing to consider is that there may be config data in flash (RF calibration, MAC address etc) which may be unique to each module.

Other things to think about for programming the 8266 using Picomite or other MMBASIC device:
v2.2 1MB esp-at.bin is nearly 800KB alone in size. This means firmware will have to be on SD card and read in chunks and sent to 8266. Is a Basic program fast enough?
What is the fastest reliable baudrate for Picomite to upload to 8266?
In case CRC has to be done on firmware file to compare with programmed checksum how long will it take for Pico to compute this?

I think maybe figuring out a step-by-step document on programming 8266 using PC might be easier than attempting to program using Picomite.
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