New version of PicoMite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.03

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The 5.07.03 firmware is now released and available on Geoff's site together with the updated manual covering both versions

Warning: Loading these binaries will automatically wipe all flash the first time loaded so back up anything important first (clear_flash not necessary). This takes a few seconds before you will get the USB connection.

Changes from V5.07.01 - see the manual for full details

General changes
PicoMiteVGA introduced - see manual for details
Program now runs from flash memory freeing up much more memory
Maximum program size now 124Kbytes (108 for VGA version)
Flash slots reduced from 10 to 7 (8 for VGA version).
FLASH RUN and FLASH CHAIN now execute direct from the specified flash slot without changing the main program
Support for a PS2 Keyboard added
Significant performance tuning
Improved USB console receive
Increased the maximum display width in OPTION DISPLAY to 240 characters
Enables F1 as a user programmable function key
Implements support for SSD1963 parallel displays
Support for 240x240 round GC9A01 display
Reduces maximum file name length to 63 characters but increases maximum files that can be listed with FILES command to 1000
Increases drive level for SDcard output pins (CS, MOSI and CLOCK)
New font added FONT 8 is a very small 6x4 font useful for 320x240 screens
OPTION MEMORY removed as no longer relevant
OPTION BAUDRATE n now sets the baudrate for when a serial console is used
AUTOSAVE can now be terminated by entering Control-Z  or F1 which will then cause the received data to be transferred into program memory
overwriting the previous program. Use F2 to exit and immediately run the program.
Reading from the framebuffer now available and bug fixed on SSD1963, ILI9341, ST7789_320 and ILI9488
This enables the following on these displays:
PIXEL(x,y) function
SAVE IMAGE command
Transparent text

Bug Fixes and functional corrections
Various bug fixes to CSUB code, new header files for CSubs
Fixes bug in ON KEY keyno,int
Fixed memory leak caused by ctrl-C out of FILES command
Fixes bug in loading F6-F9 user function definitions
Fixed bug in PWM timings
Fixes a bug where LINE INPUT would not read the last line in a file if it was not terminated with a CR
Fixes bug in cursor positioning in editor
Fixed bug in error message when an invalid flash page is selected
Fixes bug in day$(now) function
Fixes bug where writing text to an SPI LCD that overlapped the bottom of the screen would fail to de-assert LCD_CS
Fixes bug that added an extra space after a REM command each time the program was edited.
Fixes bug in BACKLIGHT 0
Fixes bug in using SYSTEM I2C or I2C2 for general I2C use if I2C READ does not use a string as the variable.
Fixes bug in COM1 where buffer overrun is losing characters.
Tidied up system response when OPTION LCDPANEL has an error
Change to DIR$() function to allow use with a single parameter as specified in the manual
Changes to FILE command to properly deal with relative paths from a sub-directory

New or enhanced commands and functions
LOAD JPG fname$ [,xleft%] [,ytop%]
FLUSH [#]filenumber
OPTION KEYBOARD nn [,capslock] [,numlock] [repeatstart] [repeatrate]
PRINT @(x, y [,mode])
OPTION LCDPANEL CONSOLE [font] [,foregroundcolour] [backgroundcolour] [backlight]
POKE DISPLAY command [,data1] [,data2] [,datan]
SETPIN pinno,CIN [,change]
SETTICK PAUSE, myint [,tickno]
SETTICK RESUME, myint [,tickno]
FLASH LIST no [,all]
FILES [fspec$] [, sort]
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