New version of PicoMite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.03

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Posted: 05:52pm 20 Jan 2022      

Yay! Keyboard now working on the mini too.
Now for the SDcard and RTC.

The PicoMite VGA is really cool... Thanks again for all your hard work, Peter! :)

Even better - it works with one of the uSD cards that I was having problems with a while ago. The RTC is working too. With the exception of the PS/2 connector screw up (which I knew about before the boards arrived - some links fixed that) everything on this little PCB has worked first time. I must remember to put bigger holes for 1N4004 leads though. lol

Is OPTION DEFAULT FONT 8 supposed to work when editing in colour mode? Also, it's not accepted in colour command mode. These might be correct - I've not been keeping up with the VGA version very well.
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