New version of PicoMite/PicoMiteVGA V5.07.03

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I first installed PicoMiteVGAV5.07.03.uf2 and that worked well, and after setting options for SDCARD and Audio e.g. aritm.bas worked. Then I installed PicoMiteV5.07.03.uf2, but then the terminal wouldn't connect. I had to use Clear_flash.uf2 from with PicoMiteV5.07.03RC10.uf2, then install PicoMiteV5.07.03.uf2 again, and then it worked to connect, and also aritm.bas worked. I have noticed that is empty now, but I guess you could use Clear_Flash.uf2 from PicoMite_Firmware which is still possible to download from

I have a program "options.bas" on the SD card that sets the options for my board:
' Options for board Maker Pi Pico Rev1.2 by Cytron.
On error skip 2
Option SDCARD GP15, GP10, GP11, GP12
Option Audio GP18,GP19
Option F1 "FILES"+Chr$(13)

I have to set the Option SDCARD manually. The line is there just in case I forget, because then I can read the FAT32 SD card in some other device and see the line.

In Linux I use minicom version 2.7.1 to connect:
minicom --device /dev/ttyACM0 --color=on

Thank you Peter for making this!
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