Why VGA and not DVI/HDMI

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Can anyone tell me why we are still using vga connectors for the RP2040 boards?
Wouldn't HDMI/DVI connectors be much simpler and futureproof and also have higher resolutions?
I know you cannot use HDMI specifically because of licencing issues but DVI has no licencing issues at all and the signal generated can be used on a hdmi connector and therefore will work with modern monitors and tv's that don't have a vga input?

URL=https://github.com/Wren6991/Pico-DVI-Sock]DVI board for Pico
This board gives you an HDMI-shaped socket at the opposite end to the micro USB socket, which you can drive DVI-D video through and using the board DVI goes up to 720p30 with a 372 MHz system clock

Tha's some pretty impressive graphic capabilities for the Pico?
or am I just stupid and this can't be done with basic?

This is the circuit
He even has gerbers and everything else needed to build the board on his github

and a full description no how the first version works including how the siftware works is here