Why VGA and not DVI/HDMI

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Why not RPi? Pico is cheaper, smaller, avoid slow boot through an unnecessary OS.
Rather bitbang video and frame buffer from a separate pico than burden the main
one running the interpreter. $4 to offload frame buffer is a price I can afford.

Keep in mind the terminal code already exists, just wants for a port to Pico.
"extensions for graphics (lines, boxes and circles) as well as alternative fonts"

If PicroMite were to boot directly to Basic without Linux I might reconsider RPi.
I certainly own a few RPi, but I've seen little progress toward that end.

Was a FUZE Basic user on both PC and Rpi, but FUZE was an unsupported buggy mess.
Development and fixes ceased for all but an expensive NSwitch port. I lost interest.
They did have excellent manuals though, which is also very true here.
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