Why VGA and not DVI/HDMI

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The RPI *has* got a GPU though. That's something you *need* if you want high performance graphics and there's no way round that. Even if you do as you suggest, the main Pico's frame buffer is a limitation - you won't get higher resolution than you can manage in VGA because there's nowhere else to plot the graphics. Plotting them on the display Pico would slow everything to an absolute crawl - plotting every pixel individually. If I've understood the DVI demo correctly, he used about 50% of the RAM - that's over 140KB compared to the 38KB currently used.

Don't get VT100 "graphics" confused with "real" graphics. They aren't the same thing at all. If you are happy with VT100 codes then you don't need local frame buffers etc - but you can't, for example, have polygones, sprites, blitting. Geoff's terminal is a mono VGA ASCII VT100 terminal only. All you need on the PicoMite is a COM port to talk to it.