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After discovering I have a p channel irf9540 instead of the n channel irf540 i measured the voltages again and got 4.9v when the jumper was in the dump position, but the led still wont light and the mosfet doesn't turn the relay off/on. Would an irf840 work as I have heaps of them lying around. I know it's overkill but if it saves me spending another 8.50 then I'm happy.


Edit: I have the led going! There was a direct short to ground. The lower variable resistor had a little piece of solder between its top pin and the led track. The mosfet still won't switch which has me scratching my head as it should still switch I thought, just in reverse.Edited by terrapinlogo 2010-08-26
If it doesn't work hit it with a bigger hammer.
If it still doesn't work you probably shouldn't of hit it.