Charge controller help

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Posted: 11:34am 25 Aug 2010      

I dont see how you could expect to replace a N channel fet with a P channel fet and everything still work, without doing circuit changes to suit.

Use the right channel fet and things might work as they are ment to.

I see little purpose in asking why it wont work if you subsitute parts without knowing what you are replacing things with, or we dont know what is different than the schematic.

99.9% of the problems folkes have with building controllers and them not working is due to solder bridges, mainly with vero board as you have used.

The other problem has been wrong parts used.
It looks that you are lucky and have both these problems

Give the bottom of the board a scrub up with some metho and an old tooth brush to remove any resin and gunk, then let it dry and check the circuit for solder bridges.

You are also a game man not using IC sockets for the chips, i once done the same but learnt fast the cost of IC sockets was well worth the use of them.

Sometimes it just works