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An easy mistake to make with all the part numbers being similar.

It was going for about 5 mins but then I turned it off and on again and it doesnt work properly now. Something to do with the variable resistor connected to pin 5 of the comparator. You turn it to on end and you get 6.2-8v and the other and you get 0-2v depending on which end you start at. Those voltages cover 90% of the range depending on the end you start turning from. Which means I cant get the 5.95v required at pin 5 to set it up properly. It is probably a short somewhere bu I'll be damned if I can find it.


Edit: Fixed it. I had totally overlooked a track cut. Pin 5 of the comparator was shorted to pin 7 of the comparator and pin 6 of the nor gate. Hopefully this time it stays going.Edited by terrapinlogo 2010-08-28
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